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iOShin sales give us a professional suggestion, which save us lots of money which otherwise was arranged to spend. .

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SSL Certificates-More Choice, Much Cheaper, More Practical

iOShin resells SSL certs from four world leading Certificate Authorities, namely, VeriSign,Geotrust, GlobalSign, thawte. Instead of trying to offer most profit or most expensive SSL brands, we assess your website positioning and recommend affordable SSL certs.

For example, iOShin will never recommend SGC SSL certificates unless your website really need.

True BusinessID with EV certificates , 9800RMB/two years, save 2784RMB.

VeriSign Secure Site 4850/1year,save 150.

VerSign activex, Java, Office Authenticode certificates 4750/1year,save 250!

Quick SSL Premium, 10 minutes to obtain,2900/3 years,save 1392.

SSL and Code Signing certificates selection guidance

Are SSL certs you buyed trust worthy? Some ssl providers does not own a trust Root CA, see the danger of buying a emulation SSL certificate.Click here

EV SSL may turns on Green Bar function on new secure browsers such as IE 7, IE8 ,Firefox 3.0+. The issuance of Extend-validation certs are strictly regulated by Guidance on Issance and management of Extended Validation Certificates issued by CA-browser Forum. EV certificates are highly expected to keep rampant phishing sites at bay.

More concerning the SSL, see EV Certificate Overview

Code Signing Certificates embed the identity of developers into the software and digital signature, which not only protects your software from evil scripts and unwanted warning popups but also builds your online reputation by showing your responsibility and concern for endusers' security.


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